Why World Language?
Bilingualism enables cross-cultural understanding, deepens our understanding of English, and makes us more competitive in the global workforce. In a world that is increasingly interconnected and globalized, the ability to speak a second language is paramount. Remarkably, recent brain science also reveals that bilingualism improves cognitive areas unrelated to language. In other words, learning another language ‘makes us smarter’.

Why Spanish?
Today, 406 million people in the world speak Spanish as their mother tongue, which makes Spanish second only to Mandarin in terms of native speakers worldwide. Approximately 37 million of these native Spanish-speakers reside right here in the US. In fact, the US is projected to be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world by 2050!

The Spanish Program at Cabot School

Middle School - Beginner Level (5-8)
Middle school Spanish students learn foundational vocabulary and conversation skills. As a class, we practice our Spanish through a variety of interactive, multi-sensory, and playful activities. As our language base grows stronger, we also apply our knowledge creatively in small projects.

High School - Intermediate and Advanced Levels (9-12)
Intermediate level Spanish students make the shift from focussing primarily on vocabulary, to focussing on grammar and sentence structure. This allows students to talk about their lives, feelings, and ideas in basic terms. At the intermediate level, students also write, read, and listen to simple stories.
At the advanced level, students continue to broaden their vocabulary base through challenging readings and listening activities. We also progress in our study of grammar, which gives students the tools they need to express ideas and experiences in a more nuanced fashion. While we continue to talk about our own lives in Spanish, we also shift our focus outward to the world beyond. Here, students deepen their understanding of Latin American culture and history through conversation with native speakers, the study of primary documents, field trips, and in-class discussion.

Kaitlyn Nascimento, Spanish Teacher
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